Previous Events

21 December 2012

NYC Schools: Literacy Coaches

New York, NY

Freddy meets with NYC Schools. More details will be posted as the event gets closer.

28 November 2012

Pearson Webinar November 2012

22 October 2012

Scholastic Book Summit 2012

Atlanta, GA

Freddy presents a keynote presentation and a breakout session at the 2012 Scholastic Book Summit.

20 October 2012

California Reading Association, 2012

San Diego, CA

Freddy co-presents with Dr. P. David Pearson (UC, Berkeley) a presentation entitled Implementing the California Common Core State Standards.  Together they present information about the impact of the Common Core State Standards on California students.

11 October 2012

Pearson Webinar October 2012

Freddy presents a webinar entitled 7 Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity.  In this presentation Freddy talks about 7 ways teachers can do to increase a student's capacity for complex text.

29 September 2012

Utah Council of the International Reading Association, 2012

Ogden, UT

Freddy presents the Saturday Keynote at the UCIRA, 2012 conference Literacy Elevated!

12 September 2012

Pearson Webinar September 2012

Freddy presents a webinar entitled Text Complexity and the Common Core:  Moving into Action With Confidence.  In this presentation, Freddy talks about text complexity; what it is and how teachers can meet the challenge.

29 April 2012

International Reading Association, 2012

Chicago, IL

29 April 2012

Institute 03: Promoting Vocabulary Development from Pre-K to Grade 12: Intersections of Research and Practice

29 April 2012

Institute 18: Reading Research Institute 2012: Research that Makes a Difference in the Age of Common Core Standards

1 May 2012

Meet the Researchers - Key Understandings from Research on Text Complexity for Preservice and Inservice Teachers

13 April 2012

American Educational Research Association 2012

Vancouver, Canada

13 April 2012

Text Complexity: What is it, How is it Measured, and After all, Why is it Important?

13 April 2012

Contrasting Views on Increasing Capacity for Complex Text: Common Core State Standards and Jeanne Chall

10 March 2012

The Saturday Speaker Series 2012

San Francisco, CA