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21 January 2012

Alameda County Office of Education: English Learner Conference 2012

CSU, East Bay

17 January 2012

The Common Core State Standard of Text Complexity


The Common Core State Standards identify a three-part model for measuring a text's complexity. This model includes quantitative and qualitative measures as well as variables of individual readers. To address this, the Standards have identified text complexity grade bands (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8) in which students read increasingly more complex texts across each band. Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert will look at the details to help Sarasota educators prepare students for the increasing demands of required reading.


30 November 2011

CACE Annual Title I Conference

Brockton, MA

3 November 2011


Austin, Texas

28 September 2011

Solano County Annual Conference

Fairfield, CA

8 September 2011

Florida Reading Association Conference 2011

Shingle Creek Resort, Florida

13 July 2011

Society for the Scientific Study of Reading 2011

St. Pete Beach, Florida

16 June 2011

Mid-South Reading & Writing Institute

Hoover, Alabama

8 May 2011

International Reading Association, 2011

Orlando, FL

8 May 2011

Vocabulary Filters: A framework for choosing which words to teach in stories

Here are the slides used by the presenter at this session at IRA 2011.

10 May 2011

Reading Hall of Fame

Here are the slides used by the presenter at this session at IRA 2011.

10 May 2011

NCRLL - Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Getting to the core

Here are the slides used by the presenters at this session at IRA 2011.

30 April 2011

Sacramento Area Reading Association

Sacramento, CA