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International Reading Association Annual Conference 2014

May 9–12, 2014 in New Orleans, LA

At this year’s IRA Annual Conference, Freddy is the acting chair on the symposium for English Language Learners in Common Core Classrooms. This symposium aims to share current research on the subject of English language learners. TextProject is excited to not only share Freddy’s presentation slides, but slides from some of her fellow colleagues who present along side her this year.


Building Academic Language for ELLs through Discussion-based, Dilemma-Centered Curricula

Claire E. White

Claire White, Harvard University, discusses how to engage English learners and low-income students in current ethical issues. White emphasizes discussion-based activities to build academic vocabulary and other critical skills needed to be successful, civically engaged individuals.


The Multifaceted Role of English Oral Language Proficiency

Patrick Proctor, Rebecca Silverman, Marcela Ossa Parra, and Lauren Huff

Patrick Proctor, Boston College, Rebecca Silverman, University of Maryland, and Marcela Ossa Parra & Lauren Huff, Boston College, detail their research on the proficiency in the English Oral Language among different populations of English Learners.


Supporting Linguistically Diverse Students to Develop Deep Flexible Knowledge of Academic Words

Amy C. Crosson

Amy Crosson, University of Pittsburgh, explores the need for students to develop a deep and flexible knowledge of academic vocabulary. Crosson outlines her research on RAVE (Robust Academic Vocabulary Encounters) and how RAVE can be used to support English Learners.  


Capitalizing on Science to Give Access to the Language Arts Common Core for English Learners

Marco A. Bravo and Saúl I. Maldonado

Marco Bravo, Santa Clara University, and Saúl Maldonado, University of California, Santa Cruz, present their research on models for doing literacy across the curriculum, with a special interest on the intersection of science and literacy. Their presentation details their study of the efficacy and effectiveness of their models with English Learners.


CCSS, ELs, and CSR

Alison Boardman and Deborah Blake

Alison Boardman, University of Colorado Boulder, and Deborah Blake, Denver Public Schools, explore supporting ELs in CCSS classrooms by using Collaborate Strategic Reading (CSR). In their presentation, Boardman and Blake briefly outline their research on the usefulness of CSR for ELs.  


Text Complexity and English Learners: Assumptions, Implications, and Alternatives

Elfrieda H. Hiebert

Freddy discusses the critical assumptions, implications, and alternatives relevant to the conversation on text complexity and English Learners.