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Mid-South Reading & Writing Institute

Jun 16–17, 2011 in Hoover, Alabama

When: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Conference location: Trace Crossings Elementary School, Hoover Public Schools.

Freddy will be presenting the Thursday keynote address, and a breakout session.

The Common Core State Standard of Text Complexity:  What does it mean?  How can we make it happen? (Keynote)  

Standard 10 of the Common Core State Standards focuses on increasing students’ capacity with complex text across the school years to ensure that they are able to read the texts of higher education and careers. The goal is an important one but educators are faced with numerous challenges.  How should text complexity be established?  What are the best ways to increase students’ capacity, especially the students who are challenged by grade-level texts.  Answers to these questions are the focus of this presentation.

Comprehension-Based Silent Reading Rate:  Why Attending to Automaticity Matters in Silent Reading (breakout session)

By the end of the primary grades, students who are not proficient silent readers begin falling further and further behind in school and, eventually, the workplace. The reason why is that texts are the source of much new information. If students aren’t adept at silent reading, they simply won’t keep up.

But for many students, good silent reading habits do not “just happen.” In particular, silent reading habits do not smoothly transfer from frequent oral reading events. Silent reading involves self-monitoring and also the stamina to keep reading and thinking, even when content is challenging. For many 21st century students, the skills of silent reading and the increases in comprehension-based silent reading rate depend on instructional experiences in classrooms.