TILE-SIG Feature on Common Core Connections: TextProject and the Teacher Development Series

Reading Today Online

27 July 2012 Thomas DeVere Wolsey, Dana L. Grisham and Elfrieda H. Hiebert, authors of TextProject's new Teacher Development Series on Text Complexity and the Common Core State Standards, introduce the series to readers of the International Reading Association's Reading Today Online blog. The series will be available here beginning August 16 and the first module is available for preview now. Read the blog post.

Reading TodayThe Common Core’s Staircase of Text Complexity: Getting the Size of the First Step Right

TextProject president and CEO Elfrieda (Freddy) Hiebert explains why the assertion in the Common Core State Standards that K–3 reading texts have been dumbed down along with those for higher grades is contradicted by reasearch, that too much text complexity in lower grades is an obstacle to beginning reading proficiency, and that there is no evidence that the recommended increase in complexity for third-grade texts will improve reading proficiency at higher grades. The article appears in the December 2011/January 2012 iissue of IRA's Reading Today (digital magazine version available online to IRA members only) but is reprinted here from Reading Today with the permission of the International Reading Association.

The Marshall Memo

The Common Core's Staircase of Text Complexity: Getting the size of the First Step Right (Hiebert, 2011) was reviewed on the January 23, 2011 issue of  The Marshall Memo.  See a review of the article from the prespective of a former teacher and principal.

Exploring the TextProject Website and Text Complexity

Literacy Beat October 14, 2011 Preservice educator Dana Grisham posts a detailed exploration and review of the TextProject site and the resources it provides teachers on the Literacy Beat blog.

The Washington PostAre 21st century 5-year-olds cognitively ready to read?

TextProject founder Elfrieda (Freddy) Hiebert's examination of assumptions in the Common Core State Standards regarding kindergarten instruction and the history of kindergarten text difficulty appeared Friday, August 12 in the Washington Post blog, The Answer Sheet.