Francie Alexander

Alexander Francie

Francie Alexander is the Senior Vice President of Scholastic Education and Chief Academic Officer of Scholastic Inc. She works across both the education and consumer divisions of Scholastic, advising on the creation of educational products and services for children. Francie oversees the Scholastic Education research and evaluation team, ensuring the qualitative validation of all of the company’s educational products and programs.

Francie’s long legacy of service to education began as a classroom teacher. She has taught students from kindergarten to college. Francie has also held positions in state and federal education agencies, including serving as an U.S. Department of Education Deputy Assistant Secretary, where she led Department-sponsored standards efforts. Francie continues to be an advocate for educational best practices through appearances on NBC’s TODAY show and columns in the New York Post. Francie has authored numerous Scholastic titles, most recently contributing to Scholastic’s iRead, a digital foundational reading program.

For more information about Francie Alexander please visit her biography at Scholastic, Inc.