Recent visitors to TextProject may already know about our new SummerReads program. SummerReads provides a free downloadable collection of informational texts that are intended for third through fifth graders who fall below the proficient standard. The texts use the TExT model, which means that high-leverage words comprise the majority of words in the texts. There are currently 15 books, divided into 3 levels with 5 books each (Getting Ready for Grade 3/4/5). We plan on adding at least 6 more books over the summer.

Research on the summer slump is quite convincing, as is evidence that even a handful of accessible texts can make a difference for struggling readers. We believe that these books can make a difference for students who don’t have access to many books over the summer.

The books can be downloaded for free here! Audio recordings of the books are also available for download.

SummerReads was featured in Reading Today! Take a look at what they had to say about SummerReads.