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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Many years ago there were few books that accurately portrayed Asian Americans in books. Books like The Five Chinese Brothers are out-of-date, and makes it hard for any Asian Pacific American to relate to the culture that the book portrays. Now there are many authors such as Lawrence Yep, Grace Lin, Allen Say, Linda Sue Park, and more newcomers such as Cherry Cheva, Gene Luen Yang, and An Na. Books portraying Asian Pacific American Heritage are changing, and it’s exciting to see the new books that are now available. In addition to the books listed below, Fusion Stories is a great place to find more books that celebrate the Asian Pacific American Heritage.


7 May 2008

Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds

Written by Paula Yoo,Illustrations by Dom Lee


7 May 2008


Written by Pamela S. Turner,Illustrated by Yan Nascimbene


7 May 2008

Legend of the Chinese Dragon

Written by Maria Sellier,Illustrated by Catherine Louis,Calligraphy and chop marks by Wang Fei,Translated by Sibylle Kazeroid


7 May 2008

The White Elephant

Written by Sid Fleischman,Illustrated by Robert McGuire


7 May 2008

The Year of the Dog

Written & Illustrated by Grace Lin