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Habitat Restoration

In doing research for QuickReads I’ve come across some interesting websites containing science and social studies content. Just early this year I came across this story about habitat restoration and it has stayed with me since then. The Discover magazine article got me thinking about a book we had used for a QuickReads topic called How the Forest Grew. Of course I started to wonder if there are other wonderful books on habitat restoration. Here are a few that I found.

p.s. A few weeks ago NSTA released their 2009 list of Outstanding Science Trade Books for K-12.


11 March 2009

The Prairie Builders

Written and photographed by Sneed B. Collard III


11 March 2009

How the Forest Grew

Written by William Jaspersohn, Illustrated by Chuck Eckart


11 March 2009

Wangari’s Trees of Peace

Written by Jeanette Winter


11 March 2009

Come Back, Salmon

Written by Molly Cone, Photographs by Sidnee Wheelwright