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30 May 2006

Fluency from the First: What Works with First Graders

Elfrieda H. Hiebert
Charles W. Fisher

Journal Article

Hiebert, E.H., & Fisher, C.W. (2006). Fluency from the first: What works with first graders. In T. Rasinski, C.L.Z. Blachowicz, & K. Lems (Eds.), Teaching Reading Fluency: Meeting the Needs of All Readers. (pp. 279-294). New York: Guilford Press.


In this chapter, we review the results of a study (Hiebert & Fisher, 2004) where groups of predominantly English Language Learners were involved in repeated reading.   The two treatment groups differed in the kinds of texts that they read but, regardless of text type, they read the texts repeatedly. The students in the control group were exposed to texts that have a high level of potential for accuracy (see, e.g., Stein, Johnson, & Gutlohn, 1999).   However, these students were not asked to reread these texts systematically.   We use these findings to suggest features of beginning reading instruction where first graders become fluent from the start.

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