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22 Sep 2011

Understanding the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts

Karen K. Wixson


Wixson, K.K., 2011. Understanding the common core state standards for english language arts. Pearson Education, Inc.  Retrieved on September 26, 2011 from: http://commoncore.pearsoned.com/index.cfm?locator=PS11T9

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Many educators are working hard to understand what the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (CCSS/ELA) mean for their contexts. Karen Wixson is a reading researcher and teacher educator who has worked extensively in the assessment and policy arena, including serving as a member of the advisory team for the CCSS/ELA. At TextProject, the emphasis has been on the text complexity standard (Standard 10) of the CCSS/ELA. In this document, Karen gives a clear and thoughtful overview of the critical features of the standards. Two of Karen’s powerpoint presentations on the CCSS/ELA are also available at textproject.org (ELA-CCSS: What is the Core Content?, and ELA-CCSS: Text Complexity in Upper Elementary Grades). The TextProject team thanks Pearson Education and Karen Wixson for permission to post this article.