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TextProject provides live webinars such as the 2013 series on the Common Core State Standards (with speakers such as Tim Shanahan and Nell Duke). Recordings of past webinars on text complexity and vocabulary by TextProject’s President/CEO, Elfrieda (Freddy) Hiebert, are also available. Freddy also frequently makes live presentations (see Events). Presentation slides from previous events are available (see Library).

7 March 2013

77 sec on Text Complexity: What are good books to use with beginning readers?

Freddy talks about features to look for in books to use with beginning readers.

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TextProject Presents

Common Core State Standards Webinar Series


25 January 2013

Research and the Common Core: Can the Romance Survive?

Dr. P. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley

This presentation considers the research foundations of the Common Core State Standards, especially as it pertains to comprehension.

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27 February 2013

Common Core State Standards and Education Policy

Dr. Timothy Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Shanahan identifies tasks which states and districts must undertake to successfully implement the English/Language Arts Common Core standards.

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24 April 2013

Key Shifts in Assessment and Instruction Related to CCSS-ELA

Dr. Karen K. Wixson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dr. Wixson presents on the upcoming assessments. She takes a close look at the sample questions and discusses the different question formats.

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30 May 2013

Informational Text and the CCSS: Pitfalls and Potential

Dr. Nell K. Duke, University of Michigan

Dr. Duke presents the pitfalls and potentials of the CCSS as it relates to informational texts. She explains the differences between previous and current definitions for key words used in the CCSS.

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20 June 2013

Using Quantitative Measures of Text Complexity in Classroom Instruction: What’s Appropriate? What’s Not?

Dr. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, TextProject & the University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Hiebert presents information on using quantitative measures in the new Common Core Assessments.

Heidi Anne Mesmer 200

28 August 2013

Stretching Elementary Students in Complex Texts: Why? How? When?

Dr. Heidi Ann Mesmer, Virginia Tech University

Dr. Mesmer presents information on stretching students to read complex texts.

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26 September 2013

Going Beyond Text Complexity: Considering text-task scenarios in understanding comprehension

Dr. Sheila Valencia, University of Washington

Dr. Valencia presents an expanded way of considering the relationship between comprehension and text complexity by examining text-task scenarios.


24 October 2013

Disciplinary Literacy: Why it matters and what we should do about it

Dr. Elizabeth Moje, University of Michigan.

Dr. Moje presents information on teaching literacy in different discipline areas.


20 November 2013

The Understanding Language Initiative in Supporting Attainment of Content and English Language Proficiency Standards

Dr. Kenji Hakuta, Stanford University.

Dr. Hakuta presents information on content area literacy.

7 January 2013

77 sec on Text Complexity: What is Core Vocabulary?

Freddy presents 77 seconds on core vocabulary. What is it and how can the words be organized to help students read complex text?

14 March 2013

77 sec on Text Complexity: What Makes A Text Complex?

Freddy talks about a feature of text that makes it difficult for the reader.

2 August 2013

Karen Wixson on Common Core Assessments

View and read a summary of Karen Wixson's presention.

21 March 2013

77sec on Text Complexity: What is the Difference Between Accessible and Dumbed-down Texts?

Freddy talks about three key features that are seen in dumbed-down texts.

28 November 2012

Text Complexity and the Common Core: Moving into Action With Confidence

Archived recording of Freddy's November 28, 2012 webinar: Text Complexity and the Common Core: Moving into Action With Confidence.

11 October 2012

7 Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity

Archived recording of Freddy's October 11, 2012 webinar: 7 Actions That Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity.

12 September 2012

Text Complexity and the Common Core: Moving into Action With Confidence: Moving into Action With Confidence

Archived recording of Freddy's September 12, 2012 webinar: Text Complexity and the Common Core: Moving into Action with Confidence.

5 May 2011

TextProject Webinar: Stopping the Summer Slide with SummerReads

A short webinar on the importance of reading during summer vacations and how SummerReads can help stop the summer slide.

15 May 2013

Words, Concepts, and Complex Text

The recording of a webinar Freddy presented for MA teachers and educational leaders on May 10, 2013

22 June 2010

Stopping the Summer Slide with SummerReads™

In June 2010, Dr. Elfrieda H. (Freddy) Hiebert presented a webinar on the effects of summer reading.

10 February 2010

Changing Readers, Changing Texts: 1960-2010

Dr. Elfrieda H. (Freddy) Hiebert presented the fifth annual Jeanne S. Chall Memorial Lecture on February 10, 2010 at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

25 October 2010

The Role of Text in Developing Reading Fluency and Comprehension UPDATED VERSION

Dr. Freddy Hiebert discussed why text matters in developing reading fluency. Texts that contain too many difficult words frustrate beginning readers. This presentation examined key features in texts that support fluency and comprehension. Dr. Hiebert also closely examined the texts in core reading programs to highlight the need for texts that increase reading fluency and comprehension. This updated version of the presentation includes an explanation of how QuickReads fits in with the Common Core Standards.

22 June 2010

New Pearson webinar on QuickReads

Attention to comprehension-based silent reading rate (CBSRR) is very different than the over-emphasis on oral reading that been so prominent over the last decade. In particular, Freddy focuses on the manner in which texts can facilitate or impede the development of CBSRR.

13 March 2012

The Common Core State Standards: What Does it Mean? How Can We Make it Happen?

A recording of the Feb. 28, 2012 webinar hosted by Pearson Learning.

6 June 2012

SummerReads: Developing Successful Readers

Developed for the Florida's Department of Education, Dr. Hiebert has recorded a new video on summer reading.

21 June 2012

Teaching Complex Text: Why Look at Word Frequency?

In this webinar Dr. Hiebert explores the relationship between a text's word frequency number and the Lexile number.

30 April 2008

SchoolsMovingUp: Critical Science Vocabulary

Archived recording of Freddy's April 30, 2008 webinar: Critical Science Vocabulary.

18 March 2008

SchoolsMovingUp: A School Immersed In Vocabulary

Archived recording of Freddy's March 18, 2008 webinar: A School Immersed In Vocabulary.

22 April 2008

SchoolsMovingUp: A County Immersed in Vocabulary

Archived recording of Freddy's April 22, 2008 webinar: A County Immersed In Vocabulary.

12 February 2014

A Generative Vocabulary

Dr. Elfrieda (Freddy) H. Hiebert describes 7 facts about a generative vocabulary approach and describes 7 instructional strategies to support each word fact.

14 March 2014

Texts that Teach

A recording of Freddy's March 5, 2014 webinar: Texts that Teach.

19 September 2014

Vocabulary Matters

A recording of Freddy's May 7, 2014 webinar: Vocabulary Matters.

27 March 2017

The Role of Vocabulary Learning in Social Studies

Freddy presents The Role of Vocabulary Learning in Social Studies for Pearson's VCON 2017.

6 December 2018

Words Matter: How a Deep Understanding of Core Vocabulary Accelerates Reading Proficiency

In this edWebinar with Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert, Lead Researcher and Author of W.O.R.D., learn:

  • How words work and contribute toward building a child’s world of knowledge
  • Why a small group of words matter and the importance of core vocabulary
  • How phrases and compound words play an important role in reading proficiency
  • How vocabulary networks differ between narrative and informational texts
  • Best practices educators can use to support students’ core vocabulary development