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Common Core State Standards Webinar Series

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TextProject presents FREE webinar series on the Common Core State Standards.

As states move into implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), questions are arising. The answers to these questions are many and often conflicting. Opinions, interpretations, advice, materials, and lessons are being offered by legions of consultants and companies.

This series of webinars on the Common Core State Standards offers educators the chance to hear from, and talk with experts who served in advisory roles to the CCSS development team. In their webinars, experts will discuss the knowledge base of the original CCSS report, ancillary documents, reports of foundations and policy groups, current implementation projects, and newly published research. The webinars will give educators the opportunity to focus on the core goals of the CCSS and to chart a course that supports literacy levels needed for the 21st century.

15 August 2013

TextProject Webinar Guide SeriesTextProject's webinar guides for the Common Core State Standards Webinar Series provide teachers a starting point for exploring the webinars, with background, key terms and activities useful for individual reflection and study, for stimulating robust discussions in face-to-face education courses or online venues, and for assisting all teachers to make the rapid changes that the CCSS demand.


25 January 2013

Research and the Common Core: Can the Romance Survive?

Dr. P. David Pearson, University of California, Berkeley

This presentation considers the research foundations of the Common Core State Standards, especially as it pertains to comprehension.

shanahan cp

27 February 2013

Common Core State Standards and Education Policy

Dr. Timothy Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Shanahan identifies tasks which states and districts must undertake to successfully implement the English/Language Arts Common Core standards.

wixson lrg

24 April 2013

Key Shifts in Assessment and Instruction Related to CCSS-ELA

Dr. Karen K. Wixson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Dr. Wixson presents on the upcoming assessments. She takes a close look at the sample questions and discusses the different question formats.

NellKDukePhoto 200

30 May 2013

Informational Text and the CCSS: Pitfalls and Potential

Dr. Nell K. Duke, University of Michigan

Dr. Duke presents the pitfalls and potentials of the CCSS as it relates to informational texts. She explains the differences between previous and current definitions for key words used in the CCSS.

Hiebert citrix

20 June 2013

Using Quantitative Measures of Text Complexity in Classroom Instruction: What’s Appropriate? What’s Not?

Dr. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, TextProject & the University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Hiebert presents information on using quantitative measures in the new Common Core Assessments.

Heidi Anne Mesmer 200

28 August 2013

Stretching Elementary Students in Complex Texts: Why? How? When?

Dr. Heidi Ann Mesmer, Virginia Tech University

Dr. Mesmer presents information on stretching students to read complex texts.

valencia sheila 200

26 September 2013

Going Beyond Text Complexity: Considering text-task scenarios in understanding comprehension

Dr. Sheila Valencia, University of Washington

Dr. Valencia presents an expanded way of considering the relationship between comprehension and text complexity by examining text-task scenarios.


24 October 2013

Disciplinary Literacy: Why it matters and what we should do about it

Dr. Elizabeth Moje, University of Michigan.

Dr. Moje presents information on teaching literacy in different discipline areas.


20 November 2013

The Understanding Language Initiative in Supporting Attainment of Content and English Language Proficiency Standards

Dr. Kenji Hakuta, Stanford University.

Dr. Hakuta presents information on content area literacy.