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22 Jun 2010

Stopping the Summer Slide with SummerReads™

Presentation Synopsis

Over grades 1 to 3, Entwisle, Alexander, and Olson (1997) studied 800 children. Children from high and low socioeconomic levels made equivalent gains on reading (and math) during the school year. However, achievement level of low-income children either fell or stagnated during the summer, while higher-income children continued to progress. What can be done to stop this summer slide? Are there certain kinds of books that students should be reading?


Includes Presentation Slides Accompanied by Audio of the Lecture

Presentation Slides with Audio
38 minutes, 52 seconds

Presentation Resource
A chapter from the upcoming book, Revisiting Silent Reading: is referenced in the presentation. Click here to download the chapter.

SummerReads can be downloaded for free here.