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25 Oct 2010

The Role of Text in Developing Reading Fluency and Comprehension UPDATED VERSION

Presentation Synopsis
On September 22, 2010 Freddy presented an updated version of The Role of Text in Developing Reading Fluency and Comprehension. Dr. Freddy Hiebert discussed why text matters in developing reading fluency. Texts that contain too many difficult words frustrate beginning readers. This presentation examined key features in texts that support fluency and comprehension. Dr. Hiebert also closely examined the texts in core reading programs to highlight the need for texts that increase reading fluency and comprehension. This updated version of the presentation includes an explanation of how QuickReads fits in with the Common Core Standards.

Click here to view a recording for the webinar.  When you arrive at the Pearson Webinar Calendar, click on Dr. Freddy Hiebert (the highlighted one next to "Webinar:")