14 July 2014


Eyes on Text Reading Log

Dr. Devon Brenner designs a reading log for teachers to record their students' reading progress.

31 January 2014


Sources for Reading Assessment Rehearsals

A list of resources where educators can preview sample reading assessment tests.

14 November 2013


Building Capacity in Low-Performing Readers: Results of two months of Reading Plus® practice

A summary of an ongoing study with Reading Plus.

Hiebert, E.H., Spichtig, A., & Bender, R. (2013). Building capacity in low-performing readers: Results of two months of Plus® practice. Reading Plus Research Brief, 2(1).

14 August 2013

Research Article

Defining Close Reading

Dr. Tim Shanahan's definition of close reading.

22 February 2013


TextProject Word Pictures for Half-Chicken

A special edition of TextProject Word Pictures highlighting hard words in Half-Chicken in StoryTown anthology, Grade 3, Unit 4.

29 January 2013


Academic Word List

A list of 343 words that appear on both AWL list developed by Coxhead (2000) and the 4,000 Simple Word Families.

29 January 2013


Familiar and Concrete Word List: Animals

A list of 68 animal-related words that appears in the 4,000 Simple Word Families.

22 January 2013


Many Uses: The 100 Most-Frequent Words in Written English

This list illustrates the multiple uses of words in the core vocabulary, especially the most frequent 100 words in written English. What these many uses mean for reading development is explained at the TextProject Topics page for Core Vocabulary.

14 August 2012


WordZones™ for 4,000 Simple Word Families

We have renamed a version of our popular WordZones™ for 5,586 words list to WordZones™ for 4,000 Simple Word Families.  The list has not changed.  Only the name has been changed to highlight the number of word families the 5,586 most frequent words have been sorted into.

13 June 2008


Increasing the Comprehension of English Language Learners: The Fluency/Vocabulary Connection

This is Freddy’s handout from her presentation at the Best Practices for ELLs: Building Academic Success conference on June 5, 2008. This conference was hosted by New York Department of Education, the Office of English Language Learners.

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