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23 Jan 2014

Every Child A Reader: Applying Reading Research in the Classroom

Elfrieda H. Hiebert, P. David Pearson, Barbara M. Taylor, Virginia Richardson, & Scott G. Paris


HIebert, E.H., Pearson, P.D., Taylor, B.M., Richardson, V., Paris, S.G., (2014). Every child a reader: Applying reading research in the classroom. (reprint of 1998 edition) Santa Cruz: TextProject, Inc.


Reading educators have been preoccupied with the methods used to teach reading. Claims are often made that one teaching method is better than another. By summarizing the existing research on what children need to learn and how they learn it best, Every Child a Reader directs teachers’ attention to the important processes of learning to read rather than the techniques of a single teaching method or philosophy.

A large body of knowledge about the learning and instruction of early reading has been developed through carefully conducted studies. Most of these studies took place in classrooms. Every Child a Reader includes references to the original studies, so they may be examined more carefully by those who wish to implement the strategies explored in the research.