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15 Jan 2014

Literacy for a Diverse Society: Perspectives, Practices and Policies

Edited by Elfrieda H. Hiebert


Hiebert, E.H. (Ed.) (2014). Literacy for a diverse society: Perspectives, practices, and policies. (reprint of 1991 edition). Santa Cruz: TextProject, Inc.

Hiebert Literacy for a diverse society cover

The origins of this book, in extended conversations among scholars with diverse backgrounds, befit its concern with literacy for a diverse society. In 1987, a number of new faculty members joined the School of Education, University of Colorado at Boulder and, with existing faculty, began collaborating on research and program development activities. Despite diverse backgrounds in disciplines like educational psychology, anthropology, sociolinguistics, and policy analysis, they soon saw that they shared a constructivist view of learning and a commitment to applying this perspective to the school learning of students with diverse backgrounds. Moreover, they asserted a strong commitment to studying thought, language, and participation structures in schools and the role of these structures in creating and maintaining a diverse, multicultural society.

To extend this conversation, an invitational conference on Literacy for a Diverse Society was held in Boulder in April of 1989. At this conference, presentations by scholars from other institutions made it clear that a constructivist view of literacy and its importance in a diverse society was shared by many. This volume is intended to identify the common themes that arose at the conference and share them in the broader community of educators. We are especially interested in engaging other practicing teachers in this conversation, for it is in daily practice that literacy for diversity becomes reality in schools.