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Reading Automaticity & Fluency

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The biggest obstacle to proficient reading for many students is their lack of automaticity, or speed, in understanding words. Most students, even those in the lowest quartile, can recognize frequent words…eventually. The problem lies in the length of time that it takes them to recognize even common words. Struggling readers devote their energies to recognizing words, thus not attending to the content of what they are reading.

TextProject was started to address this problem. Over the past decade, we have developed a set of solutions aimed at increasing automaticity that includes student texts, word lists, webinars, and research.

Visit our Pinterest board on Reading Automaticity & Fluency for an overview of our resources.

What is fluency/automaticity?  Why is it important?
How do texts support students’ automaticity & fluency?
What kinds of instruction support students’ automaticity & fluency? 
What are texts that can be used right now for increasing automaticity/fluency? 

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