A small group of words accounts for the majority of the words in English texts. Without proficiency with this core vocabulary, students will struggle as readers. Teachers need to have a solid grasp of the core vocabulary. TextProject lists are intended for use by teachers and researchers. These lists are not intended to be given to students to memorize, especially as homework. 

10 Highly Frequent and Prolific Phonograms

A chart of the 10 most frequently used and prolific phonograms.

Academic Word List

A list of 343 words that appear on both AWL list developed by Coxhead (2000) and the 4,000 Simple Word Families.

Familiar and Concrete Word List: Animals

A list of 68 animal-related words that appears in the 4,000 Simple Word Families.

Many Uses: The 100 Most-Frequent Words in Written English

This list illustrates the multiple uses of words in the core vocabulary, especially the most frequent 100 words in written English. What these many uses mean for reading development is explained at the TextProject Topics page for Core Vocabulary.

Spanish-English Cognates: 25 Common Spanish Words & Their Relationship to English Literary Words

25 Common Spanish Words and Their Relationship to English Literary Words

WordZones™ for 4,000 Simple Word Families

We have renamed a version of our popular WordZones™ for 5,586 words list to WordZones™ for 4,000 Simple Word Families.  The list has not changed.  Only the name has been changed to highlight the number of word families the 5,586 most frequent words have been sorted into.