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QuickReads Fluency Library

QuickReads® Fluency Library

QuickReads Fluency Library

For students of any grade already using QuickReads Print edition reading levels: A–D

Featuring additional passages designed to the same text model as QuickReads Print and aligned to the QuickReads topics, the Fluency Library provides opportunity for additional reading practice and deeper background knowledge.

QuickReads Fluency Library

The perfect classroom companion to the QuickReads Print edition, QuickReads Fluency Library was designed to support students in developing the critical skills of fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Available in four levels, A–D, each library includes 24 motivating titles that can be used for independent or small group reading.

QuickReads Fluency Library follows the same TExT Model of Reading as QuickReads Print edition. Each topic in QuickReads Print edition has a corresponding book in QuickReads Fluency Library. For example, the book Bicycles: From Plan to Sale in QuickReads Fluency Library corresponds to Level C, book 2, Economics in QuickReads Print edition. Every book is full of new ideas that deepen background knowledge and overall understanding of these important content areas.

Researched and authored by Dr. Elfrieda H. Hiebert, the books in the QuickReads Fluency Library are unique and foster these critical skills by presenting more opportunities to read with high degree of success.

  • Increase students’ background knowledge of key science and social studies content by extending and further developing each QuickReads topic.
  • Support and extend the fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills students gained while using QuickReads.
  • Experience the phonics patterns and the most-frequently-used words in each QuickReads grade level because it was designed with the same phonics “curriculum.” Each book is specifically written to develop automaticity and build content-area vocabulary through a combination of 98% high frequency words and words with a grade appropriate set of phonic/syllabic patterns and 2% content-area words.
  • Practice the key vocabulary introduced and reinforced in QuickReads.

Look inside the box

Each QuickReads Fluency Library title extends one of the passages from each QuickReads topic, offering additional passages and activities to strengthen students’ fluency, comprehension and background knowledge. For each level, QuickReads Fluency Library titles are available in individual 6-packs or a comprehensive Classroom Library.

Each of the four levels of QuickReads Fluency Libraries includes:

  • 18 books—9 science titles, 9 social studies titles
  • 1 Teacher’s Resource Manual
  • 2 audio CD collection—1 science titles, 1 social studies titles
  • Student bookmarks

Take a closer look

Click on the cover of these four popular titles to take a closer look at the QuickReads Fluency Library.

Level A



Level B



Level C



Level D