August 19, 2014

Ruth Heinrichs

Director Ruth Heinrichs (DPA, University of LaVerne)  is currently an Educational Effectiveness consultant, serving institutions and organizations in strategic planning, institutional effectiveness and assessment. Prior to her consulting work, Ruth serRead More »Ruth Heinrichs


August 12, 2014

Judith Scott

Director Judith Scott (Ph.D. University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at University of California, Santa Cruz where she has served on the Executive Committee as both a Director of Doctoral Programs and a Director of Undergraduate Programs. Judy is also the director of the Vocabulary Innovations in Education (VINE) Consortium at UCSC. Judy is the PI of three IES grants (R305A090550; R305G060140; R305A080596), an Improving Teacher Quality grant (ITQ-11-804) and the co-PI of the Central California Writing Project. Her scholarship on vocabulary acquisition and assessment is internationally recognized with extensive publications in sources such as Reading Research Quarterly, Elementary School Journal, and the Handbook of Reading Research Volume III. She also provides professional development for teachers, bridging research to classroom practice in her writings and workshops. Judy won the 2006 John Chorlton Manning Award from the International Reading Association for her outstanding work with public schools.


August 12, 2014

P. David Pearson

Director P. David Pearson (Ph. D., University of Minnesota) is the co-principal investigator for Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading and a faculty member in the Language and Literacy Program at University of California, Berkeley, where he served as Dean from 2001-2010. His research focuses on reading instruction and assessment. Before joining UCB in 2001, David was the John A. Hannah distinguished professor of education at Michigan State and co-director of the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA). He has written and co-edited numerous books and articles, including the Handbook of Reading Research. David has also been presented with numerous prestigious awards. Most recently David was awarded with the AERA Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award (2010).


August 12, 2014

Gina Cervetti

DirectorGina Cervetti (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an associate professor of Literacy, Language, and Culture at University of Michigan’s School of Education. The focus of Gina’s work is on science as a context for language and literacy development and, in particular, on how students can build knowledge and language to support future reading through their experiences in content-rich, inquiry-based science instruction. Gina is also involved in work on academic discourse and vocabulary acquisition in science and on how curriculum materials can best support teachers’ practice and teacher learning. Following her doctoral work in educational psychology at Michigan State University, Gina worked for several years as a postdoctoral scholar and researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, on the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading (Seeds/Roots) program. Gina led the literacy team in its conceptualization and development of integrated science-literacy curriculum units for students in grades 2-5. 


August 12, 2014

Francie Alexander


DirectorFrancie Alexander is an industry leader in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Literacy, and Intensive Intervention for striving reading and math students. Francie provides inspirational and informative leadership on topics from early and adolescent learning to brain development and its influence on childhood and teenage learning. She works closely to listen to and learn from key school districts across the U.S. in order to lead Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s efficacy efforts.


August 12, 2014

Charles Fisher

CFO/ Secretary Charles Fisher (Ph.D., University of Toronto) has conducted and managed educational research for more than four decades. As Director of Research and Development (Far West Laboratory), Director of the Center for Research on Teaching and Learning (University of Northern Colorado), and Senior Research Scientist (University of Michigan) his work examined how teachers and learners carry out literacy and science tasks in both formal and informal education settings. He has written or edited four books and published three dozen articles on educational topics including Academic Learning Time, classroom task structures, and the impact of technology in elementary school classrooms.


August 12, 2014

Elfrieda H. Hiebert

CEO/ PresidentElfrieda “Freddy” Hiebert (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) has had a long career as a literacy educator, first as a teacher’s aide and teacher of primary-level students in California and, subsequently, as a teacher educator and researcher at the universities of Kentucky, Colorado-Boulder, Michigan, and California-Berkeley. Her research, which addresses how fluency, vocabulary, and knowledge can be fostered through appropriate texts, has been published in numerous scholarly journals and books. Through documents such as Becoming a Nation of Readers (Center for the Study of Reading, 1985) and Every Child a Reader (Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement, 1999), she has contributed to making research accessible to educators. Hiebert’s contributions to research and practice have been recognized through awards such as the American Educational Research Association’s Research to Practice award (2013).Dr. Hiebert is also an author for Savvas Learning Company on the myView Literacy and myPerspectives solutions for grades K-12. Dr. Hiebert is also the author of QuickReads.