Stories of Words: Clothes

Many people like to wear the latest fashions. Fashion is a style of clothes, items, or ideas that is popular at the moment. Fashions change frequently. Words are needed to describe new trends. When those trends are no longer popular, people stop using the words. Like fashions, words, too, go into and out of style.

Teach Your Child to Read & Spell

Learning to read and write are critically important goals for all children. Some children achieve these goals with little difficulty and progress rapidly in school. Other children struggle with reading and writing throughout their school years. 

Teach Your Child to Read & Spell is a  tutoring or teacher guide for BeginningReads, FYI for Kids, SummerReads, and Talking Points for Kids texts.

Stories of Words: Transportation

Have you ridden a bike? Have you been a passenger in a boat, car, train, or airplane? If so, you’ve used transportation. When new forms of transportation are invented, we often invent new words to describe them or give existing words new meanings.

Stories of Words: Arabic

You may think that most of the Arabic words that came into English refer to animals and customs that are unique to countries in northern Africa and the Middle East, where Arabic is the primary language. But you’re in for some surprises, too. You might be using words with Arabic roots every day to describe the world around you.

Stories of Words: Flight

Since the earliest times, people have looked up to the stars and wanted to travel there. They saw birds flying and tried to build machines that would help them fly, too. Legends tell of people who used wax wings or kites to attempt to fly. These attempts, of course, did not end well. 

Over hundreds of years, people built kites and boomerangs that were inspired by how birds glide through the sky. Only in the last few hundred years, though, did people have the technical skills needed to build flying machines. Once flying machines became real, new words were needed to describe them.