Summer Reading

Students who don’t read much over the summer show a decline in reading performance from the end of one grade to the start of the next. Often, it is low-income students who don’t have ready access to books at home that face this problem. Typically, when low-income students are given books for summer reading, the texts are too difficult for students to read successfully on their own.

TextProject is the nation’s best resource for summer reading. First, we provide free, engaging and, accessible texts that students can read on their own. Second, we provide guidelines for teachers, parents, and students on how the books should be used. Third, we provide strong research-based evidence for the SummerReads program. Teachers, parents, and administrators will find all they need to set the stage for an effective summer reading program at TextProject.

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Understanding the Importance of Summer Reading
Texts for Students to Read
Materials to Share with Parents