TextProject Word Pictures

Originally known as “QuickReads: Word Pictures” and designed to supplement QuickReads print edition, the main goal of TextProject: Word Pictures is to help English Language Learners connect key words to concepts they may already know. For example, a student may already know the process in which plants grow from seeds but they may not have been introduced to these content vocabulary words: seeds, grow, and plants.

Here are the TextProject: Word Pictures titles, organized by their correspondence to QuickReads levels and topics:

QuickReads, Level A QuickReads, Level B
Life Science From Seeds to Plants How Animals Talk
Your Five Senses Insects
Pets Trees
Civics American Places National Symbols
The United States of America Brave Americans
Americans Who Dream Being a Citizen
Earth Science How Things are Measured Weather
Seasons Rocks
Stars Water and Us
Geography and Economics Lakes and Ponds Maps
Homes Around the World Money
Places People Work Jobs and Us
Physical Science Science on the Playground Magnets
Solids, Liquids, and Gases Forces Around Us
Floating and Sinking Thinking Like a Scientist
History Toys of Long Ago Children’s Games
American Stories Transportation Then and Now
The Stone Age Life in Colonial America
QuickReads, Level C QuickReads, Level D
Life Science Dinosaurs Animal Communities
Animal Giants Birds and Their Habitats
Plants The Human Body
Civics American Heroes Immigration to America
Celebrations The Constitution of the United States
Our National Government American Pathfinders
Earth Science Hurricanes Volcanoes
Earthquakes Taking Care of Our Earth
The Solar System Day and Night
Geography and Economics Oceans Geography and How We Live
Rain Forests Natural Resources and the Economy
Economics Our North American Neighbors
Physical Science Inventions Electricity
Simple Machines Wind and Solar Energy
Sound Cameras and Photography
History Ancient Egypt History of Sports
The Ways We Communicate Ancient Rome
Native Americas European Explorers of North America

When students become familiar with some of the key words within a subject, build on that knowledge by reading aloud tradebooks on those subjects. Take a look at these books in TextProject’s Read Aloud Favorites.