P. David Pearson

    00:19 Q1: How did you get into education and education research?
    04:02 Q2: Who were some colleagues who influenced you as a researcher?
    06:11 Q3: What do you regard as your most important contribution to literacy research?
    11:39 Q4: How has the area in which you worked changed in its theoretical and empirical stances within your career?
    14:28 Q5: What are some questions in your work on comprehension that are still unanswered?
    17:53 Q6: What are some important trends occurring in literacy education?
    20:25 Q7: What kind of advice might you give to teacher educators and researchers in literacy as they begin their career?
    22:22 Q8: Are there people in other communities who have influenced you and your work?
    25:20 Q9: What is the gradual release of responsibility? Where did it originate?

    For more information about Dr. Pearson and his work, please visit his faculty webpage at UC Berkeley.