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20 March 2012


Seven Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity: CRLP 2012

Presentation slides and handouts for Seven Actions that Teachers Can Take Right Now: Text Complexity.


7 March 2012


Vocabulary Assessment: Making Do with What We Have While We Create the Tools We Need

Pearson, P.D., Hiebert, E.H., & Kamil, M. (2012). Vocabulary assessment: Making do with what we have while we create the tools we need. In J. Baumann and E. Kame’enui (Eds.), Vocabulary Instruction: Research to Practice (2nd Ed.). (pp.231-255) New York, NY: Guilford Press.

16 February 2012


7 Actions Teachers Can Take to Increase Students' Capacity with Complex Text

What are seven things teachers can do in their class to get their students ready for the CCSS?

13 February 2012


Pearson National Summit 2012: The Common Core State Standards and Text Complexity: What does it mean? How can we make it happen?

Dr. Hiebert's presentation at the Pearson National Summit in Orlando, FL is now available for download.

2 February 2012


Alameda County Office of Education: English Learner Conference 2012

Handouts from Dr. Hiebert's presentation at the ACOE EL conference.

8 November 2011


From Theory to Practice: English Language Learners and the Common Core Standards

Slides for the 11/8/11 NYC OELL keynote and workshop presentation.

18 October 2011


Text Complexity and How it Applies in the Classroom

Freddy presented a webinar on October 18, 2011 for Pearson Education.  The webinar series is called Unlocking the Common Core: Pearson Common Core Institute.

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