The Reading GPS

Reading GPS

Accurate information on students’ proficiencies is fundamental to building strong instruction. The Reading GPS is intended to support instruction grounded in reliable and valid information about what matters in becoming a proficient reader. As the name implies, The Reading GPS is intended to give teachers information about where students currently are and whether they are moving in the right direction toward the goal of proficient reading.

At present, The Reading GPS is limited to a single dimension of reading proficiency—oral reading fluency. Oral reading fluency is only a first step in understanding students’ reading proficiency. It is also only a first step in TextProject’s The Reading GPS. Assessments of silent reading fluency and comprehension and vocabulary are in the works. We start with this oral reading fluency measure, however, because of its unique contribution to understanding students’ reading. It is the only oral reading fluency measure that is built on the TExT model that underlies TextProject products—an indicator of how students are doing with the core vocabulary.

Oral Reading Fluency

Download all the levels here.

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Answer key to the comprehension questions can be downloaded here.