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    Sad, like its opposite, happy, is an adjective generally used to describe feelings, although in this instance the feelings are those of sorrow or unhappiness. A person will feel sad if a good friend moves far away, or if a family member is very sick. Sad can also refer to situations that are considered unfortunate. When heavy rains caused the dam to break and flood the town, it was a sad day for everyone. Sad can describe something that is in deplorable or shabby condition, such as the sad state of the economy or the sad appearance of a run-down neighborhood.

    In more casual or informal usage, sad is often used to mean pathetic or inadequate. If a student waits until the last minute to complete a project, it might look pretty sad compared to those of others in the class. A movie sequel might be a sad attempt to recreate the excitement of the first film. The basketball team’s lackluster performance was a sad sight.

    The many synonyms for sad make it a very worthwhile word to explore. Consider the differences in meaning between words such as blue, down, gloomy, depressed, melancholy, woebegone, or inconsolable.


    • What is the difference between being sad and being somber?
    • If someone broke their last pencil, would they feel despondent?
    • When might someone feel heartbroken?
    • What might you say to a friend who is sad?

    The Spanish Connection

    The word sad is a cognate of the Old Dutch sat. The Spanish word for sad is triste. Sad and triste are not cognates. However, a few synonyms of sad do have Spanish cognates. One example would be melancholy and melancolía.

    Word Changes

    • People do not always use the most precise or accurate words in their speech and writing. Sometimes they do not know the best word, or they do not think about trying out new words. It is common, for instance, for people to say they are depressed when in reality they are only a little sad.
    • Sometimes people purposefully want to embellish a story they are telling to make it more interesting and colorful. Many of the synonyms for sad can add richness and meaning to conversation or writing.
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