Word Pictures

Children, like adults, learn concrete words more readily than abstract words.  A way to close the vocabulary gap for students (especially English Learners and students of poverty) is to support them in connecting written words and the concrete objects these words represent.  TextProject Word Pictures provides a vault of carefully chosen pictures to assist educators in making such connections.

Here are the TextProject Word Pictures titles, organized by usage.

Literature Words

Many of important concepts in literature can be easily explained using pictures. This set of TextProject Word Pictures provides pictures of concepts that are critical to particular literary texts.

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TextProject Word Pictures

Originally designed to supplement QuickReads print edition, TextProject: Word Pictures helps English Language Learners connect key words to concepts they may already know.

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Reading Aloud to Extend Knowledge

When students become familiar with some of the key words within a subject, build on that knowledge by reading aloud tradebooks on those subjects. 

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