Common Core State Standards and Education Policy

    Dr. Timothy Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago

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    This presentation by Dr. Timothy Shanahan begins with a brief history of English/Language Arts standards in the U.S. and presents the major content changes within the Common Core State Standards relative to previous standards. He then identifies how particular aspects of the educational enterprise are affected by the changes in the Common Core, specifically professional development, assessment, and remedial support. Dr. Shanahan identifies tasks which states and districts must undertake to successfully implement the English/Language Arts Common Core standards.

    A recording of the webinar  can be viewed on the CCSS playlist at the TextProject YouTube channel.

    For more information on Dr. Shanahan, please visit his faculty website at the UIC.

    Dr. Shanahan also maintains a blog of thought provoking Q&A on the Common Core State Standards and its implementation. Dr. Shanahan’s blog is also a great place to get information on his presentation. Please visit Shanahan on Literacy for Dr. Shanahan’s persepective on the Common Core State Standards.