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Hiebert-2014-05-07-Reading-Plus-Webinar-Vocabulary-Matters-cover2.pngNew Webinar on Core Vocabulary and Complex Text!

What is the core vocabulary? And why is it important to have automaticity in this particular set of words? In this informative webinar, Freddy shares some ways to teach the core vocabulary in a more meaningful manner.

View the webinar here!

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E4: Exceptional Expressions for Everyday EventsUse everyday words to teach new words

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Recent Frankly Freddy Posts

3 March 2014

Claims about Text Complexity within the Common Core State Standards: Examining the Evidence

31 October 2013

Summary of Kenji Hakuta on English Language Learners and the Common Core State Standards

Highlights of Hakuta's presentation in Virtual Institute on Assessment and the CCSS on TextProject's YouTube channel.

30 August 2013

Reading Rules for Becoming Proficient with Complex Texts

Freddy's reading rules: Read more. Mostly silent. Focus on knowledge.

What's New

1 September 2014

WordPictures Title
Solids, Liquids, and Gases

25 August 2014

WordPictures Title
Science on the Playground

22 August 2014

Vocabulary Matters

A recording of Freddy's May 7, 2014 webinar: Vocabulary Matters.