January 22, 2013

Many Uses: The 100 Most-Frequent Words in Written English

This list illustrates the multiple uses of words in the core vocabulary, especially the most frequent 100 words in written English. What these many uses mean for reading development is explained at the TextProject Topics page for Core Vocabulary.

Download: Many-uses-100-MF-Words   

December 28, 2010

The Comprehension Connection

December 28, 2010

Strategic Vocabulary Selection

December 28, 2010

10 Highly Frequent and Prolific Phonograms

A chart of the 10 most frequently used and prolific phonograms.

Download: Phonograms   

December 28, 2010

Text Elements by Task (TExT) Model

Summary of publications on the TExT Model, suitable for printing.

Download: TExTpapers-1206   

December 28, 2010

Background Reading

In this list developed for UCSIR 2005, seven online reading sources are provided for each of the topics of fluency and vocabulary. For specialists in adolescent readers, two additional sources are provided. Click on the links in the PDF (or cut-and-paste to your browser’s address bar) to view the sources online.

December 28, 2010

Lesson Plan for a Fluency Intervention

A lesson plan for building reading fluency. The lesson plan utilizes QuickReads, but it can be adapted for use with other TextProject texts. QuickReadsRoutine.pdf

Download: QuickReadsRoutine