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Teacher Resources

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E4: Exceptional Expressions for Everyday Events

E4 is a series of 32 flexible vocabulary development lessons each focusing on an everyday concept and brainstorming other words that describe the concept.

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Lists & Forms

Essential resources to help teachers focus on the specific vocabulary needed for academic success, in the early grades and beyond.

Benchmark Texts: Stepping Up Complexity

Benchmark Texts: Stepping Up Complexity

Adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) represents the first time that explicit complexity levels have been set for grade-level texts. The Standards give little guidance for how to support the many students who struggle to read complex texts. TextProject is responding to this need with research-based resources to guide educators in identifying appropriate texts for struggling readers.

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TextProject Word Pictures

TextProject Word Pictures provides a vault of carefully chosen pictures to assist educators in making such connections.

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Read-Aloud Favorites

A collection of reviewed tradebooks that were selected for use as a read-aloud in a classroom or home setting.