Bats & Balls

Comprehension Questions

  1. True or false? The T in T-ball stands for teenager because teenagers play T-ball.
  2. Which of the following is true about T-ball?
    Batters hit a ball sitting on a batting tee.
  3. True or false? Every player on both teams is on the field at all times.
  4. A baseball game normally ends after nine innings. What happens if the score is tied?
    They play another inning until the score is not tied at the end of an inning.
  5. True or false? Softball players use protective gloves and batting helmets like they do in baseball.
  6. Place a check on the ball and bat game with the following features:
Uses a smaller but harder ballbaseballsoftball
Has a pitcher’s moundbaseballsoftball
Has two versions, slow and fast pitchbaseballsoftball
The pitcher pitches overhandbaseballsoftball

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Audio files

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