SummerReads: Berries

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    Berries: Introduction

    Berries: Picking Berries

    Berries: Eating Berries

    Berries: Suprise! They Are Berries

    Comprehension Questions Answer Key

    1. True or false? People can pick their own berries at “U-pick” farms.
    2. Before picking berries, you will need ________.
      all of the above
    3. True or false? Berries are summer fruits so you can’t eat them at any other time of the year.
    4. What are some ways people like to eat berries? How do you like to eat berries?
      Some people like to put berries on their ice cream. People also like to make berry pies, jams, and jellies. Other people like to eat berries just as they are.
    5. True or false? Scientists put plants in groups by what they look like and how their fruits taste.
    6. Which of the following fruits would scientists count as true berries?