SummerReads: Bikes & Boards

    SummerReads™ Bikes & Boards
    SummerReads™ Bikes & Boards

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    Bikes & Boards: Introduction

    Bikes & Boards: Bicycles

    Bikes & Boards: Catch a Wave

    Bikes & Boards: Sidewalk Surfing

    Comprehension Questions Answer Key

    1. True or false? The “penny-farthing” bicycle had a small wheel in front and a large wheel in back.
    2. Describe some of the changes people made to bicycles so that children and adults can ride them.
      Three changes were made so that bicycles were safe for children and adults to ride. Chains and gears made it possible to have 2 tires that are the same size. Rubber tires made it possible to have a smooth ride on the bicycle. Hollow metal frames made the bicycles lighter so that they are easier to move.
    3. Which of the following is not a popular surfing place?
    4. There are certain steps that surfers follow when surfing. Can you
      put these in the right order?
      4 Riders stand on their board
      3 Riders stop paddling and let the board move with the wave
      1 Riders paddle their surfboard out to sea, pass where the waves are breaking
      2 Riders turn their board and paddle for the shore
    5. True or false? The first skateboarders were also surfers.
    6. ________ is when a skater kicks down on the tail of the board and jumps up at the same time.
      An Ollie