Extreme Trees

    Comprehension Questions

    1. True or false? The aspens in the group of trees known as Pando are all clones of the same aspen tree.
    2. Clone trees are ________.
      all of the above
    3. Describe at least two ways in which Axel Erlandson formed his circus trees into interesting shapes.
      Axel Erlandson formed his circus trees by growing trees in certain places. Then he pruned the trees and grafted them together.
    4. Grafting is a technique that gardeners and farmers use ________.
      to combine different kinds of trees to make a new tree
    5. True or false? Gardeners trim their bonsai trees so that they are small.
    6. Why do bonsai trees need a lot of care?
      Bonsai trees need a lot of care because they need to be trimmed a little bit at a time.

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    Audio files

    Extreme Trees: Introduction

    Extreme Trees: Clone Trees

    Extreme Trees: Circus Trees

    Extreme Trees: Bonsai