Heat Wave

    Comprehension Questions

    1. Why is a wildfire during a heat wave especially dangerous?
      The high temperatures can make wildfires stronger and last longer.
    2. True or false? Too many people using their fans and air conditioners can cause a black-out.
    3. Describe two ways people can keep cool. What are some things you do to stay cool?
      People can do many thing to try and stay cool during a heat wave. They can:

      • rub ice on their hands or face
      • drink cold water
      • go swimming
      • play outside in the early morning or evening
      • go to a place with air conditioning
      • read about something cold
    4. True or false? Playing outside during the middle of the day will be cooler than during the morning.
    5. True or false? Summertime temperatures in the Arctic can be too warm for polar bears.
    6. Polar bears, like people, can get sick if it is too hot. What are some things that polar bears do to stay cool?
      Polar bears can roll in snow, swim in a lake or ocean, or sit in a shaded area

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    Audio files

    Heat Wave: Introduction

    Heat Wave: It’s Too Hot!

    Heat Wave: Staying Cool

    Heat Wave: How Polar Bears Stay Cool