Comprehension Questions

    1. True or false? There are more oceans than lakes.
    2. Lakes differ from oceans because ________.
      • lakes are smaller than oceans
      • lakes are inland, whereas oceans surround land
    3. True or false? The Panama Canal connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.
    4. How do ships get through the Panama Canal?
      All of the above
    5. Indicate the type of water in the example below:
    Great Salt Lakesaltwaterfreshwater
    Atlantic Oceansaltwaterfreshwater
    Water from the tapsaltwaterfreshwater
    Rain or snowsaltwaterfreshwater

    6.  How did the Great Salt Lake get so salty?

    The sun dries up the water in the lake, leaving behind the salt.

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    Audio files

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