T-Shirts & Shorts

    Comprehension Questions

    1. How can you tell if a shirt is a T-shirt?
      T-Shirts do not have zippers, buttons, or collars. T-shirts have short sleeves.
    2. True or false? People walked around town in T-shirts 50 years ago.
    3. What does your favorite T-shirt look like?
    4. True or false? Tie-dyeing is the only way you can personalize a T-shirt.
    5. True or false? Running shorts are shorter than soccer shorts.
    6. Which of the following is not a type of shorts?
      Reading shorts

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    Audio files

    T-Shirts & Shorts: Introduction

    T-Shirts & Shorts: T-Shirts

    T-Shirts & Shorts: Personalize It!

    T-Shirts & Shorts: Shorts