Comprehension Questions

    1. We described how clouds normally form during warm weather. Can you put these events in the right order?
      4 As humid air cools, clouds form
      2 The heated air evaporates water in lakes and oceans
      1 The sun heats up the air near the ground
      3 The wind moves the warm humid air into the sky
    2. True or false? Great differences in the temperature of hot air and cold air cause small changes in the weather.
    3. If it takes 5 seconds to hear the thunder after you see a bolt of lightning, how far away was the lightning?
      1 mile
    4. True or false? The electricity in lightning is the same electricity that powers TVs and light bulbs.
    5. Why is too much rain a bad thing?
      Too much rain can cause flooding.
    6. True or false? If it rains a lot in one area, the extra water is lost forever.

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    Audio files

    Thunderstorms: Introduction

    Thunderstorms: Hot Air, Cold Air

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