Hats & Caps

Comprehension Questions

  1. True or false? The crown of a sun hat is the part that covers the top of the head.
  2. How does wearing a wide brim hat like a sombrero help protect you from the sun?
    A wide brim can shade your eyes so that you can see better in the sunshine. A wide brim can also protect your head, neck and shoulder from the sun.
  3. How are caps different from hats?
    Caps fit closely on a person’s head. They don’t have brims, but they can have visors or bills.
  4. True or false? In a baseball cap, the visor can also be called a “bill.”
  5. Which of these people do not use a helmet?
  6. When would you wear a hard hat?
    Hard hats are used by workers at building sites. If you were visiting or working at a building site, you would need to wear a hard hat. You would also need to wear a hard hat if there was a danger of something heavy or hard falling and hitting your head.

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