Comprehension Questions

    1. Name at least two ways that caterpillars stay safe from animals that want to eat them.
      Caterpillars can stay safe by:
      • being the same color as the plants they eat.
      • hiding under leaves
      • looking like things that animals don’t like to eat.
      • being covered with hairs that can get animals sick
    2. True or false? A moth caterpillar will always grow up to be a moth.
    3. True or false? The silkworm is related to the earthworm that lives in dirt.
    4. A silkworm builds a cocoon because ________.
      it is changing from a caterpillar into a moth
    5. Describe the reason that butterflies are usually colorful and moths are not.
      Butterflies are active during the day. Their bright colors help them to blend in with the brightly colored flowers. Moths are active at night, dusk, or dawn. Moths are mostly gray or brown so they can blend in without being noticed.
    6. Place a check on the bug that has the following features:
      Four wingsmothbutterfly
      Is out during the daymothbutterfly
      Two feelers on its headmothbutterfly
      Usually is colored gray or blackmothbutterfly
      Starts out as caterpillarsmothbutterfly

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