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16 August 2014


Comprehension Guides for TextProject Texts

Reading Partners develops comprehension guides and shares them with TextProject.



11 August 2014

Research Article

Frank Views on Literacy Learning and the Common Core

An amalgam of the Frankly Freddys sorted into five topics of literacy learning and instruction.


Hiebert, E.H. (2014). Frank Views on Literacy Learning and the Common Core. Santa Cruz: TextProject, Inc.



4 August 2014


Great, Free Stuff From TextProject: Resources for Knowledge, Vocabulary & Automaticity

This publication outlines the FREE resources that TextProject offers on teaching knowledge, vocabulary, and automaticity.


30 July 2014


Designing Learning For and From Complex Text

Freddy's handouts for her workshop in Hillsborough County, FL on July 31, 2014.


16 July 2014


Development and Application of a Morphological Family Database in Analyzing Vocabulary Patterns in Text

Development and application of a morphological family database in analyzing vocabulary patterns in texts, presentation at the annual meeting of the Society of the Scientific Study of Reading


14 July 2014

Research Article

How Much and What Are Third Graders Reading? Reading in Core Program Classrooms

Brenner, Hiebert & Tompkins discuss the amount of time and the types of texts students spent reading in classrooms.

Brenner, D., Hiebert, E.H., & Tompkins, R., (2009). How much and what are third graders reading?  In E.H. Hiebert (Ed.), Reading more, reading better (pp. 118-140).  NY:  Guilford.

14 July 2014


Eyes on Text Reading Log

Dr. Devon Brenner designs a reading log for teachers to record their students' reading progress.


11 July 2014

Research Article

The Relationship Between a Silent Reading Fluency Instructional Protocol on Students’ Reading Comprehension and Achievement in an Urban School Setting

The authors examine the effects of a computer-based silent reading fluency instructional system called Reading Plus on the reading comprehension and overall reading achievement of a large corpus of students in an urban school setting.

Rasinski, T., Samuels, S.J., Hiebert, E., Petscher, Y., & Feller, K. (2011). The relationship between a silent reading fluency instructional protocol on students’ reading comprehension and achievement in an urban school setting.  Reading Psychology, 34(1), 76-93.


10 July 2014

Research Article

Tapping the Linguistic Resources of Spanish/English Bilinguals: The Role of Cognates in Science

This paper explores the existence of and relationship between a set of Spanish/English cognates that have the potential for assisting Spanish/English bilinguals’ experiences with science texts.

Bravo, M.A., Hiebert, E.H., & Pearson, P.D. (2006). Tapping the Linguistic Resources of Spanish/English Bilinguals: The Role of Cognates in Science. In R.K. Wagner, A. Muse, & K. Tannenbaum (Eds.).  Vocabulary development and its implications for reading comprehension (pp.  140-156).  New York:  Guilford.


7 July 2014

Research Article

Core Vocabulary and The Challenge Of Complex Text

Pre-publication of Freddy's chapter in S. Neuman & L. Gambrell's (Eds.) 2013 Quality Reading Instruction in the Age of Common Core Standards.

Hiebert, E.H. (2013). Core vocabulary and the challenge of complex text. In S. Neuman & L. Gambrell (Eds.), Quality Reading Instruction in the Age of Common Core Standards. Newark, DE: IRA.

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