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TextProject Library


Our book collection at TextProject includes ebooks that are being published for the first time and also reissued classics. 

Frankly Freddy Blog

TextProject president and CEO Elfrieda H. (Freddy) Hiebert blogs about important issues in reading research and practice.

Frankly Freddy entries (published from 2005 to 2014) have been sorted into five topics of literacy learning and instruction. Click here to download the ebook!

Professional Development Guides

TextProject is committed to supporting "the teacher of teachers" (e.g. literacy coaches, teacher educators, workshop providers) with materials that aid in their coaching and supporting of teachers to provide the best possible texts and reading experiences to students. At present, TextProject has three guides aimed specifically for professional development.

Research Articles

Research Articles provide recent reports on critical topics surrounding text. In addition, numerous articles (especially those published prior to 2010) by TextProject’s founder & president, Elfrieda H. Hiebert, can be found at: https://independent.academia.edu/ElfriedaHiebert.

Text Matters—a Magazine for Teachers

Text Matters provides educators with a series of accessible articles on hot topics in reading instruction, such as the emphasis on text complexity in the Common Core State Standards. Backed by the latest reaseach, Text Matters articles highlight important background knowledge along with practical ideas for improving reading instruction.

Videos and Slideshows

TextProject has a YouTube site that currently has five playlists on critical aspects of text complexity and vocabulary. We also share slideshows from presentations on five critical topics. Some of the topics of the playlists and slideshows are shared but each site also has some unique topics.