Essential Insights into Text Complexity and the New Assessments: Three Articles from Reading Today


February 14, 2014


A collection of Freddy’s published articles in Reading Today on text complexity and the upcoming assessments.

Hiebert, E.H. (2012). The common core’s staircase of text complexity: Getting the size of the first step right. Reading Today, 29(3), p26-27.

Hiebert, E.H. (2013). The CCSS Text Exemplars: Understanding Their Aims and Use in Text Selection. Reading Today, 30(3), 6-7.

Hiebert, E.H. (2013).  For the CCSS assessments and Beyond:  Develop your students’ stamina for grappling with complex text. Reading Today, 31, 18-19.

Download: Hiebert-Essential-Insights-into-text-complexity-and-the-new-assessments