Janice Dole

    0m7s Q2: What were some key events that shaped your career?

    5m37s Q3: Who were some of your colleagues at the University of Utah?

    7m41s Q4: What do you regard as your most important contribution to literacy research?

    11m18s Q5: Can you describe what contributed to your decision to focus your research to the state of Utah?

    14m09s Q6: Can you elaborate on your work with the UT International Literacy Association?

    15m14s Q7: Can you speak about mentoring the next generation of educational researchers?

    16m05s Q8: What do you see as an unanswered question in literacy research?

    22m10s Q9: Describe the current research in comprehension and what it means for classroom teachers.

    26m50s Q10: What are some challenges and obstacles that you’ve faced? What kind of advice might you give to teacher educators and researchers in literacy as they begin their career?

    For more information on Dr. Dole, please visit her faculty webpage at the University of Utah.