Videos and Slideshows

TextProject has a YouTube site that currently has five playlists on critical aspects of text complexity and vocabulary. We also share slideshows from presentations on five critical topics. Some of the topics of the playlists and slideshows are shared but each site also has some unique topics.


TextProject’s five playlists on YouTube include the CCSS Webinar Series (which have accompanying guides for professional learning) and also the Virtual Institute on Assessments and the Common Core (which has an accompanying guide book as well). Guides can be found at Professional Development Guides. 

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We have an archive of the slideshows from almost a hundred presentations. But if you want to study most recent slideshows for each of the five topics that are central to TextProject’s mission, those slideshows can be found here. The content may vary a little from that shown at a particular event but the fundamental information is included in the current version of a slideshow on a topic. 

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